Luxury Purchases made easier NZ shoppers

  • Posted on: 21 September 2015
  • By: admin

At ChasetheSun we have been providing ‘purchasing agent services’ to our clients in New Zealand for over 2 years now. Initially, bulk of our orders came for US and UK based stores but with Australian dollars losing value in last six months or so, we are finding that Australian stores are proving to be a great value too specially those stores which are part of international chains. An example would be Reebonz which also trades as in Australia and lists prices in Australian dollars.

We have acquired a few high end watches from Reebonz and now it is a lot cheaper to buy from Reebonz Australia than from their US website (thanks to currency fluctuations). For example, this Omega watch costs AUD $3160 (less 10% by using Reebonz Discount Code) and the final landing price in NZ will be NZ $700 cheaper if we bought it from the US site.

If you are after a particular product, feel free to email us and we can give you a very reasonable quote and a 100% guarantee that you will save more by using our services than ordering the same time yourself.